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Advancing healthcare facilities in the hospital building, medical equipment, and instruments for the best medical care and excellent management in the healthcare industry are our vision for enhancing life with excelling medical care.

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           has expertise in washing and drying machine manufacturing. especially for the cleaning instruments in the hospital.

The mission of our business is to implement advanced healthcare facilities and to continuously improve the quality of health care by empowering the hospital through education and consultation based on our experiences and knowledge in hospital industries in Japan. 


Healthcare Facilities Consulting

Our values

Excelling in hospital concept & master planning, engineering, operation system & manual, IT system, logistic management, and medical instruments are our core values to drive toward our purpose to empower the hospital with advanced healthcare facilities

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Consulting Service Phase For Hospital Construction Project

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Some Facilities in The Hospital


Taking into consideration some key elements in planning project stages, such as hospital philosophy and vision, building a strategy, engaging the right people, system and technology, assessing the culture for further development, will build a strong foundation to lead the change for the healthcare industry

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Project Plan



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Advancement & Improvement of Healthcare Facilities 

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Advanced Healthcare Facilities

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Enhancing Life, Excelling Medical Care.

It is our pleasure to support and become your business partner.