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Tube Dyer

No. 881

Quick Dryer No. 881 (Assembled body)
Various types of tubes (catheters) and anesthesia tubes (external and internal), after being washed, can be quickly dried at the same time. The dryer is also applicable to standards instruments and thus helps save labor in the workplace.

Tube Dyer 881.jpg

Product Specification

External dimensions(mm)

Power supply

Timer setting

Temperatur control

Processing capacity

Intake filter

W 455 x D 510 x H 1,700

AC100V 12A

0-60 min

(can be continuously operated)


100 Catheters per run

20 Corrugated tubes per run

Polyethylene prefilter

Standard accessories

Mesh trays x 3

Water pan x 1

Vinyl curtain x 1

Due to continuing product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Quick Dyer No. 881 Catalog

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