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Washer Disinfector Machine

Attractor AT-IK

Fully automatic cleaning and drying system for instruments Attractors AT-IK. Contaminated instruments and equipment can be washed and dried fully automatically at one time. 

The Attractor is a washing and drying system for instruments, cleans (rinses and washes with hot water) contaminated medical instruments, especially metal apparatus and tubes (such as corrugated tubes, masks, general suction tubes, and catheters) quickly and automatically without coming into contact with the worker`s hands throughout the process from cleaning, treatment to drying.

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AT IK.jpg

Product Specification

Outer dimensions

Power source


Inner dimensions of the washing chamber

Water storage chamber of the

washing tank

Hot water tank dimensions

Heater in the hot water tank

Heater in the tank

Washing circulation pump

Hot water supply pump

Heater box for drying

Injection pumpu for detergents


Plastic container for chemicals

W 1000 x D 900 x H 1,780 mm

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 10 kW

Hot water supply : 20 A

Water supply : 20 A

Drainage : 40 A

W 550 x D 640 x H 600 mm


50 L ~ 240 L (For bulbble washing)

W 400 x D 400 x H 260 mm

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 6 kW

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 6 kW

Upper and lower showers

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 1.5 kW

Capacity : 140 L/min

Middle shower

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 1.5 kW

Capacity : 180 L/min

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 0.2 kW

Capacity : 50 L/min


AC 200 V, 3-phase, 8 kW

Heating blower

AC 200 V, 3-phase, 0.5 kW

AC 100 V, 20 W

5 L x 2

Due to continuing product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Attractor AT-IK Catalog

Features ①

No need to prewash contaminated instruments (contaminated with blood, etc). just select the applicable program, and the system will do the rest automatically from washing to drying. 

Features ②

On the touch-screen, you can select the applicable processes and durations. it is very easy to operate and allows you to visually confirm the program you have selected.

Features ③

Contaminated instruments that previously immersed in a cleaning solution, are vigorously washed with vibration made by jet bubbles coming from underneath and streams of water flowing out of the rotating showerheads (bubble washing).

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