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Management Philosophy

PT. JMIC was established to give a contribution and support to medical care professionals and healthcare business industries in Indonesia.

With the company`s management philosophy, “Supporting and giving contributions to the public health and private sector by improving the quality of medical care and nursing services” as the existence of our further devotion, effort, and strive for the development of our company businesses by implementing our knowledge of the hospital management and healthcare facilities and also the development, manufacture, sales, and consultancy business of medical instrument that we have learned in Japan to support and to contribute public health and healthcare industries.

Furthermore, we would like to expand a new form of the present ideal hospital. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Our Vision

"Enhancing life. Excelling medical care"

We bring the idea and concept of advanced healthcare facilities in the hospital building, medical equipment, and instruments for the best medical care and excellent management in the healthcare industry.

We strive to have a positive impact on customers, medical care professionals, patients, and the communities to obtain advanced healthcare facilities for the satisfying, comfortable, and high-standard hospitality management of medical care. It is our vision to support all medical institutions for the improvement of the healthcare facilities for enhancing life with excelling medical care.


Muhammad Husni Thamrin

Company Profile

January 2020
           , Co., Ltd.  
Seventh Building 7F  3-7, Nihonbashi, Kobune-Chou , Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0024, Japan
Tel. +81 (3) 5643-7180               
Fax.  +81 (3) 5643-7181
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Healthcare facilities consultation and design of the new hospital, relocation, and reconstruction facilities
Manufacture and sales of medical instruments
Import and export goods, machinery, equipment, instruments, medical material, and other commodities
Instruments for hospitals and institutions
General medical and welfare instruments
Laboratory instruments for testing and experiments
Laboratory instruments for schools
Laboratory equipment and instruments
Medical materials
Water treatment equipment
Equipment and instruments assistance for education
Business License
Muhammad Husni Thamrin
Moch Noer Efendy
Partner Company 
Business Outlines
Members of Board
Machinery, Equipment, Instruments Trade
Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Instruments Trade
Management Consultation 
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Muhammad Husni Thamrin

Spending his young age living in Yogyakarta. graduated in mechanical engineering education from Yogyakarta State University.​ The first time Husni moved to Japan was in 2007, and after working in the manufacturing industry for several years in Japan, he took further steps to specialize in the medical instruments manufacturing industry and hospital consultant to give a contribution to the development of the healthcare industry in Indonesia.

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Moch Noer Efendy

Graduated in architecture engineering from ITS Surabaya and a master's degree from PPM School of Management Jakarta. Efendy has 20 years of experience in sales and market development in the medical equipment industry in Indonesia.

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